Loans tailored to your financial situation

Whether you are buying an investment property, looking to refinance, to access improved loan features or wanting to invest into SMSF property, we can help you. We conduct loan comparisons, analyse fees, features, costs, repayments and find the most competitive deal for your financial situation.

Not only are our brokers fully accredited and industry qualified, but they work hand in hand with Superannuation Property financial planners and property coaches, to ensure the mortgage package is tailored to your investment strategy and financial situation.


  • Consolidate your repayments
    Review your home loan to learn if you can consolidate all your debts into one easy to manage loan, with a simplistic repayment plan.
  • We compare up to 50 lenders
    Find out if there are more competitive interest rates available, or if the bank you are now with can offer you a better deal.
  • We do the legwork and paperwork
    Let us do all the research and paperwork so you can relax, knowing experts are doing the legwork for you.
  • Superior Guidance & Support
    We offer guidance and support each step of the way once you decide to apply.

Finance and Lending Solutions:

  • SMSF residential and commercial lending
  • Investment loans
  • Construction lending
  • Traditional mortgage lending and debt consolidation
  • Direct access to over 28 lenders nationwide

What to expect in your first appointment

  • We learn about your financial situation, any current loans and your goals for the future.
  • We calculate your borrowing power and appropriate repayments for your lifestyle. At this point, you are welcome to consult with our financial planners for assistance with an investment strategy.
  • We compare loan packages from a variety of lenders to find you the best possible outcome.
  • We clearly explain the fees, costs and conditions associated with your new home loan. We ensure you’re comfortable with the option and fully understand the terms.
Book a planning session

We offer a private planning session to all prospective clients, free of charge. We run through your personal situation and find areas that we can help you improve upon. No obligation and pressure free.