Financial Planning

Guidance that is results-based and genuine

Our financial planning division, SP Financial, is a holistic financial advice firm providing assistance to help build a wealth creation strategy for your retirement. Licensed by AD Advisory Services, SP Financial has access to a broad range of independent insurer and investment platforms.

Our goal is to ensure each client receives tailored financial advice around the protection of family and assets whilst maximising any government and tax benefits, with the ultimate goal of helping each client retire with more.

Our core focus is helping clients reduce their debt burdens, especially any non-deductible. We carefully consider family and asset protection, plus ways to help you reduce your tax in preparation for retirement.

We provide an ongoing advice service, engaging with clients at least annually to review goals, protection needs, changes in legislation and to implement new strategies taking full advantage of any available retirement and taxation benefits

Debt Reduction:

  • Structure and strategies
  • Deductable investments
  • Budgeting Surplus

Personal and Wealth Protection:

  • Work fewer hours — and make more money
  • Protect your family against the unforseen
  • Preserve your income
  • Safeguard your retirement

Wealth Creation and Tax Reduction:

  • Build a diversified portfolio
  • Increasing wealth through tax effective structures
  • Investment advice over major asset classes

TTR and Retirement Planning:

  • Build your superannuation while reducing your tax liabilities
  • Safeguard retirement savings in a tax-free framework
  • Estate planning, covering Wills and Estate tax liability


  • Find lost superannuation
  • Consolidate multiple superannuation fundsr
  • Direct property investment inside an SMSF
  • Investment of your superannuation funds for retirement
Book a planning session

We offer a private planning session to all prospective clients, free of charge. We run through your personal situation and find areas that we can help you improve upon. No obligation and pressure free.